Patients Speak

I am French and live in Defence Colony, a 10 minute walk from the Nanda Dental Clinic. I wanted to find a dentist in the area to be able to return easily for regular treatment. Before visiting the clinic, I found this website and I liked the fact that the Nanda couple looked young, very friendly, and with good references. Their clinic also looked welcoming. Well, I must say that I was not disappointed. I got an appointment quickly. I had to undergo root canal but unlike what I had heard about the procedure it was really not a big deal! My dentist in Delhi is now Dr Smriti but her husband is most likely a good match:)- I learned today that they are about to celebrate their second anniversary…So Happy Anniversary, Happy Trip & See you soon!
Charlie Raby, France

Had a fabulous experience throughout my treatment. Before visiting Nanda Dental Clinic, normally the thought of visiting dentists had been extremely nerve wrecking psychologically and more often than not I would duck my appointments. But being educated on the process as you go along and what to expect to a layman really does make it rather easy and comforting. To top it all to be well taken care off and have your teeth worked on gently takes away all the nervousness. As for the results i am ecstatic and believe that I am now in great hands with Dr. Prashant Nanda & Dr. Smriti Nanda!..”Definitely walk in with a smile and walk out with a bigger smile”.! Highly recommended!
Jaya Suri, New Delhi

Without doubt one of the best dental clinics I have ever been to. The doctors are very warm and friendly, yet extremely professional in their approach to treating my problem. I had been wearing a removable denture for sometime and was referred to them by a friend who had gotten a dental implant done from them previously, I got two dental implants and a few fillings done from them. I was very comfortable throughout the treatment. After 4 months of my first visit, I visited them again to get teeth placed on the implants. I am now able to eat very comfortable and don’t have to worry about taking these teeth out. I would highly recommend Dr. Prashant and Dr. Smriti to everyone. I wish them all the luck in the future.
Derek Sylas, London

I can honestly say that being treated by Doctors Prashant and Smriti Nanda was by far the best dental experience I’ve ever had! I’ve always been deathly scared of dental procedures, and when I was told that I needed to have my wisdom teeth extracted, I was terrified. Much to my surprise however, it was an amazing experience!! Doctors Prashant and Smriti were soo sweet and warm and put me at ease instantly with their friendly humorous conversations. I felt so relaxed! Most of all, they were so confident that they knew exactly what they were doing, that it instantly reassured me that I was in good hands, and it really helped me to relax and be brave, which is half the battle won. They promised the procedure would be quick and painless and it really was! The tissue beneath one tooth was infected and they very professionally removed it and gave me stitches and prescribed me some really effective medicines. I was also super happy with how honest they were about the options I could choose from when it came to me choosing the kind of fillings to use for a cavity I had ; their honesty was refreshing and such a rare thing to come across! I loved the entire experience, I mean, who knew wisdom tooth extractions could be so much fun! They are genuinely sweet, chilled out, super confident and very high qualified dentists, not to forgot, very reasonable with their rates! Also, their clinic is state of the art and so chic, its lovely! I highly recommend them and will keep going back!
Aliya Singh, New Delhi

They are the MOST Honest Doctors ever!. I wanted Veneers done on my top teeth, Before I found Beautiful Nanda dental clinic on Google, I consulted 3 doctors and everyone charged me Rs 500 for just 5-10 minutes of consultation time and most of them just rushed it without explaining all the details and said I will need 8 top veneers done because when I smile my 8 teeth shows. I found Nanda Dental clinic on Google and called the clinic and spoke to Dr Prashant Nanda who was very nice and Humble to speak to, He then suggested me to come to the clinic for a Free Consultation, Yes a free Consultation, So He can look into my case and suggest the Best option, I went to their clinic and Dr Prashant Nanda Explained me everything in full detail all the Pros and Cons and answered each and every one of my questions till I was completely Satisfied and suggested that I need only 4 Veneers to get the results I want and Not 8 and said that will also help me save Half the money :), and I was like WOW what a Honest Doctors, where everyone else is suggestion 8 he is saying you need 4. My consultation went for more than Hour and a Half and they didn’t charge anything for it, also to top it, Dr Prashant suggested since I am traveling from far If I want He can take impressions to send to lab today to create my Dental model and the lab charges I can pay in next visit , Since with the Help of my Dental Model He can explain and Show me in greater detail how the veneers will be placed and what kind of work will be involved in placing veneers, So If after understanding everything I am convinced with the Procedure I can go ahead with full process of placing veneers or I can simply say I don’t want it done and back out. I was so impressed with their Honesty, care and full of patience attitude towards patients, I decided I will get my veneers done with Nanda dental clinic and I did got my Veneers done with them and Dr Prashant did an Amazing Job on my Veneers and got me the smile I wanted in only 4 veneers and he kept making sure till the end that I am fully satisfied with the treatment I am getting. All I can say is They are Great Doctors who are Super Honest, Super Caring and make you feel like their own Family member rather than just a patient. Thank you so much Dr. Prashant Nanda and Dr. Smriti Malhotra Nanda for all the care, concern and great work. God Bless!!
Ricky Kumar, New Delhi
I am writing to you on behalf of my wife who received treatment at your clinic. Within the 23 years of our marriage, I have never seen her so happy and content with her own appearance, the dental work you did has had such a significant impact on her life already. I wish we had been informed about your excellent practice earlier. My entire family is definitely visiting your practice for any dental work from here on forward. Good Luck!!
Sanjeev Talwar, London

I have nothing but good things to say about the clinic. My experience with them was extremely pleasant and greatly satisfactory. I found both Dr Smriti and Prashant Nanda to be super professional and courteous. All my queries were answered with patience and a smile. I got all four wisdom teeth removed from the doctors and I’m convinced that they did all they could to make the procedure – as well as the recovery – as easy as possible. Both the doctors were extremely kind in enquiring about my wellbeing post-procedure, over the phone. Apart from being one of the most adorable couples I’ve yet met, the doctor-duo is great at their work, honest and humane. I am very glad that I chose them as my dentists-they really are two excellent doctors. I recommend the clinic wholeheartedly and sans hesitation! :)
Mahua Agrawal, Holland

Brilliant in every way: cost, time, cleanliness and professionalism. This lovely Dentistry couple makes going to the dentist fun where most of us expect the opposite! I met them while hunting online for emergency dental work (1pm on a Sunday, imagine!) and they willingly sacrificed their day off to help my out of pain & discomfort. They come highly recommended.
Cornelia Bosman, South Africa

I had been ignoring a cavity for sometime and like all things we nurture, it grew into a full blown infection. But, people had warned me that root canals are a painful affair. So, for that fear I was ok with a bad soldier. When the pain got really bad, I finally went to see Doctors Smriti and Prashant. Within 10 minutes of observation and a painless procedure, I felt the pain had gone. Over 3 warm & pain free visits and a few dental procedures later, I was through with my root canal and crown installation. I was later told that my tooth had an extra root or two which made the procedure complicated. But, they made it look all so easy and I was thoroughly comfortable through it all. I vouch for their steady hands, warm hospitality, acute sense of diagnostic judgement, EXTREMELY REASONABLE RATE PLAN, PAIN FREE, accurate dental care. If anybody has dental issues ranging from cleaning to remodeling to implants to extractions to surgeries, I would strongly recommend Nanda Dental Clinic. Very easily the best dentists that I have visited.
Saurab Manglani, New Delhi

Every morning when i am ready to brush my teeth after b’fast I only visualize Dr Smriti and Dr Prashant Nanda who have literally taught me how to brush in the right way. I always hated the dentists drilling machine but to my bad luck I have had dental problem very often. I used to go to a very senior dentist but due to unforeseen circumstances he is out of practice. I did not know where to go and kept messing up my dental problem by trying different dentists and then ultimately ignoring it. But God has his own ways of showing the path. One fine day i was coming back from my yoga class and I had a very bad fall in which i injured my 3 front teeth very badly along with other wounds. Rushed to the emergency with a bleeding mouth. The doctors there told me that they will have to remove the teeth after the swelling subsides. Again I was running from pillar to post to take a second opinion. My teeth were shaking and paining. My sons friend came to see me and he recommended these two young enterprising dentists in Defence colony. I was fickle minded and nervous as anyone would be to try new hands and also the distance from Noida to Defence colony. But they were highly recommended. I went to their clinic where they examined me and took Xrays from their in-house OPG machine and I thanked God for no running back and forth to get the same done. I think I was one of their first patients in their new high tech hygienic & comfortable clinic. I was told that extraction may be required but still Dr Prashant wanted to be conservative in his treatment and he did wonders. They did a root canal treatment for all 3 & the sprinted them together to the adjoining healthy strong teeth. I was told to wait & watch for 5-6 weeks if they could be saved . Sure enough after 2 months they were able to put a joint crown on all 3 together. I would usually ask both Dr Smriti & Dr Prashant that do they inject some addictive or hypnotic medicines during the procedures because they both convinced me to get 2 implants done which I had just avoided from last 4 years. The implants were absolutely painless & comfortable so much so that I have to make a conscious effort to differentiate between the natural teeth & the implants. Color matching is also excellent. Nanda dental clinic is a One Stop Dental solution. Last but not the least this a pocket friendly dental clinic as compared to others. I highly recommend Dr Smriti & Dr Prashant to all my friends, cousins & colleagues. Wishing both of you great success.
Renu Dhawan, New Delhi

For someone who stays far away from doctors, Dr. Smriti Nanda & Dr. Prashant Nanda gave me the comfort that kept me coming back to them for all my previously ignored dental needs. Ive been treated for couple of cavities & root canals seamless & painlessly by the professional duo. Thnx much doctors for the comfort & a fabulous job with my teeth :)
Prerana Trehan, Kolkata

I had been hesitating to see a dentist over my very painful tooth -silly of me as the tooth was hurting even more as I kept putting it off. When the pain became absolutely unbearable, I went down to the Nanda’s Dental Clinic. Dr. Nanda made absolutely certain that I couldn’t avoid a root canal treatment when he recommended it -which I appreciated. I had been through two root canal treatments before and I had known them to be horrible experiences but at the Nandas’, Dr. Prashant and Dr. Smriti Nanda did their best to minimise my pain and discomfort. I recommend their clinic to all my friends and everyone else. They not only know their science well (from my experience as their patient who now has a crowned RCT treated tooth working fine) but they are also sensitive towards their patients which I think is truly unique.
Ruchira Sen, USA